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Currently Reading : 7ikayat 7ub by Ghazi Al-Gusaiby

Have I ever told you guyz how much I enjoy Reading ?! I love it and no its not a hobby , its a thing I do beside my study

Unfortunately, The problem I face is that i dnt have enough time to read ! As for pre-Bed time I usually read Quraan So even that time is occupied, Bs for now where skool is back on and it takes mostly all of my time I’m trying to squeeze  a time for more reading. However, This semester am taking an Arabic Novel class 😉 how wonderful !!! I knwww we’re suppose to read novels and discuss it with the class ;D isn’t that just great ?  I mean taking a class like that is like schedualing ur reading hours for like 4 months wow am loving it already 😉

So our first novel to read is ” 7ikayat 7ub ” By The great Dr.Ghazi Al Gusaiby, I mostly read his poet never a novel, although a friend of mine promised me to bring me a gift with his favorite novels and am still waiting for that gift to arrive ;p

Any way so I started reading the novel ams, after D sent it to my via email ! Yes I knw it’s not as pretty as the hard copy to read it on Laptop screen bs wht to do we looked all over the town for it and suddenly its missing ! Im gonna be honest with u, I COULD NOT STOP READING ! mashallah he’s a talented amazing man I really love him ;* allah yer7umah he was a very big loss for Saudi Arabia and a very big gain aked !

The novel is not quit long, but very interesting ! Talking abt an old man living in and out the hospital n meeting a woman or his dreams , now am not gonna talk much abt it in this post as am planning to right a review after I finish so stay tuned my readers ur abt to read abt one of the most lovely novels I have came across 😉 !

As for now, Am getting back to my novel 😉 I guess am finishing it before the time assigned for us in the class which is something good right ?!

P.s Still waiting for my hard copy mn my cuzn n brother in law 😉 Dnt forget it A !!!


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