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First Day of Last Year !!

So Yeah This is My First Day of my Last year 😉 Sounds interesting 9a7 ?! I knw ;p

I was not in the mood for driving, plus knowing all abt the crazy parking in AUK n trying to avoid it by letting a friend pick me up,

Went to my 10 AM class , went pretty well nothing new syllabus n introduction and then my second class went the same way

Finally I was bk in home by 1 Pm, I have till 4:30 before I go bk to my evening class !! Yes I knw it sucks to get bk home n change n rush into the evening classes again bs wht to do this is how the schedule of classes r !

its really crowd n looooooooowya on Camp ! I have to wait for like 3 times for the elevator to get in ! ppl rush into it n it gets full n u can add all above of that having a claustrophobia !! Yes I hate elevators n I hate them more whn there is no space to BREATH !

However, I get to see the Fashion show 😉 ! Some were really pretty but others were ” NO COMMENT ” !!!

Lets just sit back n cross our fingers n hope that this week will pass quickly n softly Bcoz its the Craziest week of all the year !

P.s Today I missed walking Up in the morning n having a breakfast or a cup of tea with daddy while he’s reading his newspaper ! I miss giving him the daily report of my day n I miss his morning call after my classes 😉

You may rest In peace Daddy, I love u ;**


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  1. allaaaaah I miss uni 😀 *sigh*

    best of luck darling :*

  2. I don’t miss university one bit ;p it was tough

    • lool wallah never left it yet to knw the feeling of missing it or not bs Saroon tgol we will miss it alot so lets just wait and see 😉

      one thing I agree with u its pretty hard bs the good hard, I mean I enjoyed it malyoon mara more than high skool I guess bcoz I love my major and I feel am studying for a future to build 😉


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