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Girls night in ;) !

Am invited to my friend’s house for a girls night in 😉 We had the idea of the gathering since Ramathan bs it was the last 10th of the holy month and every one was busy either in mosques or in shopping malls getting ready for Eid so we postponted it until tonight 😉

U know college is just around the corner so we have to have our night before every one gets busy again with the crazy fall semester and all 😉 We gathered, the Four of us in Z’s place 😉 ! 6ab3an bima ini habba bil cheese cake , I made one n took it with me ;p y3ni showing off inh am a good cook, housewife , girl ;p whtever ;p elmohim inh asawi shy mofeed ib 7yati plus helping Z out with the food preparation ;p bcoz technically the gathering was my idea so I guess I should help a little bit ;D they loved ut bs 3ad madre 9ij wila yg9on 3ly ;p bcoz guess wht happened ?!! the biscuit layer got stuck on the pan !!!! wht the hell i knw ;\ i tried n tried then mafad so every one got the cheese layer with the strawberry ;p bs kant good ;p

Ahhh i loved kil shy ams, the place the talk the ppl the food ! kil shy was more than great and I love having such a great ppl in my life ;** loving them all waaaaayd 😉


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