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Gossip Girl Episode 2 : Double Identity !!

Summer is coming to a close ! every one settling up  again getting ready to hit back to the city but lemmi just ask a Few Questions ?!

Chuck Is found no longer a Chuck as much as a Henry Prince ! Working in Paris as a waiter  holding a stick and looking not so Basses !

So Now The little Humphrey is not really a Humphrey ?! And Gorgina left little grandson with the wrong father ?!  could that be any surprising act of her ? Not really 😉

As for the new blonde in town, what is she up to ?! stalking our naive Nate ?! lets just wait and see 😉

Funny Quotes of this Episode :

” Humphrey is a Donut ”  loool maskeen ;p

” Just Bcoz u Dress Poorly, Doesn’t mean ur not Chuck Bass ”  That’s soo truee ;** he looks charming poor or rich !

” I dont Love u anymore, But it takes more than even u to destroy Blair Waldorf ” and I liked this one wayd !

” But it wouldn’t be my world without u in it ”

Fashion of the week :


Gossip Girl 😉


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  1. Aaaah I love paris I love Gossip Girl and I love chuck 😀 yea shfty el episode 2 bs wait so chuck is still hooking up with the eurppean Blondie? Clemence I guess her real name


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