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Forbidden relationship, Quit a trend !

The idea of having a forbidden relationship is now being the new trend for most of the tv shows ! we’ve started to see that in season one of Pretty little liars where The English Teacher ( Mr.Fitz ) With his student ( Aria ) !!

The scenes of intense n passion in that relationship is spicing up the show !

Moreover, The trend keep on going  in Season premier of Life Unexpected !! Where Luxe met this guy at the bars gone on a road trip with him to see the ocean n caught up in a moment with him ! only to find out later on that he is the new teacher at her skool ! What a surprise ?!

And if we go back in our memory  a little, we would stop at The same idea of forbidden relationship with a larger perspective, first episode of Grey’s Anatomy  where Meredith Gray the internet  got introduced to the guy she left bar with the night before as ” Dr. Derek Shepard ” Her attending doctor !

So who’s next ?! since the trend is still on 😉


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  1. ya reeet ana in a forbidden relationship just like Aria & her teacher 😛

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