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Wanna Be a Bride .. ?!

Not many of us has the strength n could be brave enough to stand and say ” ana 3ayza atgawiz ” Out loud ! But that does not mean that we don’t feel so 😉 This Ramathan a Tv show Has hold the same name, for a blog, written by ‘3ada 3abdil3al. The blog was first established in Aug 2006 under the issue of wanting to be a bride in our Arab world. Later on Her blog was published in a book form under the same name In Jan 2008 😉

This is Her with the Book 😉

Too bad i could not see all of the episodes that was on many channels starting by Hind 9abri one of my Fav Actresses, But i watched enough to be able to review it in a post !!

The Tv show was a great mix of reality along with a comedy touch that ended it up as a light 40 mnts of life story telling to let the viewers enjoy each episode that was not connect to each other, each has its own little story to support the project as a whole.

The Question is : WHEN will they put the re-runs on Tv again ? if any one had any idea lemmi knw plz abi ashofa mn awal episode ;D

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  1. a7la a7la a7la musalsal ma9riiiii….yfa6iis min ilthi7ik! o very realistic thats what i loved most about it:)


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