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Season Premier : Gossip Girl is Now ON !

Yes Yes Yes I could not believe it either !!!!! Gossip Girl is here ;D Finallyyyyy !! And Yeah we reached the 4th Season n it’s as pretty as the previous 3 !

So am gonna b honest could not follow the action well, what’s with lonely boy having a boy ? and is it really his boy or not ?!

on the other hand B and S r pretty much pretty and having the same old Frienimation ;p u knw when u combine friends n enemies !

As for our Lost Guy, He was found by a european blonde n She could take a good care of him, but the question is she gonna take all of him ? or leave some for other blondes , or brunettes !! Lets waite n see 😉

Fashion For the Week :

Looking Forward for the next episode 😉



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  1. Great news for the fans ha 😉

    i believe most of the shows are coming back since i saw Vampire Diaries Season 2 comes back and Life Unexpected started season 2 as well 🙂

  2. sweeeeeeeet lovely Chuck is baaaaaaaaack 😀

    • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh he’s back ;D waaaaay shifteeh ish7alataaaah ;$ ?! ;p

      the first episode was nice bs so little abt him ! I WANT MORE OF CHUCK BASS !

      Enjoy The season Saroon ;**

  3. I saw it too 3jeeeb:D bs klshy goes fast ! omg chuck !


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