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Tv show Review : Sahil iL Lail ;) !

One of the Best Tv Show that was on this Ramathan is Sahir Lail n I thought it was worth The Review. The story was about Kuwait in The late 60’s n 1970’s, how did ppl behave, live n loved back then. Basically it was about two different families where the boys of one family fall for the girls in the another, two different love stories, 4 different ppl, and only one happy ending ! Yes one happy ending bcoz the players were good in playing the love game, while the other two have lost their game !

And here’s a little about the Show, taken from some forms:

عمل درامي واقعي ، تدور أحداثه في سبعينيات القرن الماضي حول ثلاث أسر من طبقات اجتماعية مختلفة بينهما روابط عائلية تتصارع وتتشابك مكونه من كل أسرة حكاية مليئة بالدموع والابتسامات ، التي يجسدها رجل الأعمال الناجح “سعود” الذي يقوم بدوره الفنان جاسم النبهان والسلطة متمثلة في “عبد المحسن” الذي يجسده الفنان صلاح الملا الذي يسعى جاهدا للوصول لامتلاك القوة والنفوذ عبر دخوله مجلس الآمة .
العمل من اخراج محمد دحام الشمري وتأليف فهد العليوة ويضم النجوم وهم احمد الصالح ، جاسم النبهان، صلاح الملا ،فاطمة الحوسني، محمود بو شهري، مرام ،زينة كرم ،عبد الله التركماني ، عبد المحسن القفاص ، هيا عبد السلام

Actors and Actresses have done a great job in this show especially 3abdallah il tirkumani where he played the role of the oldest disabled brother ! mashallah 3aleh he did a magnificent work to play that role y9ni3ni8 il moshahid inh 9ij disabled !!

w 6ab3an my Fav Character was Dalal ! She has fall in love with a guy in the University where that kind of relationship used to be forbidden till death, maybe till now ! And She did every thing to marry him although they belong to different levels of society !

On his side ” Nawaf ” Have done every thing in his hands to get her, He studied hard in University and graduated at the time not many ppl have got a bachelor degree, plus he was working in the firm owned by her father n used his position wisely to promote his skills n himself for her dad, planning to propose 😉 ! That what do i call it smart love

Instead her cuzn n his brother, Have lived a love story but they was not as smart as the other couple n so they ended up apart, where ” Loulwa ” has married her cuzn n ” Na9er ” Married his friend’s sister !

Every thing was smartly done in this Tv show, from their language to their outfits !

And I have always said that this Tv show n that period of time remind me alot of my dad, by 60’s n 70’s my father was in his 20’s so i can really relate the show to him n the way he looked in his old pictures !

I wish Guyz there days would be like guyz back them, where they used to be less harm n way more charm !!

I wish I have lived in that period of time 😉 Very lovely very classy


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  1. I think that both love stories ended well, lulwa learned to love Fahad and succeeded, na9er on the other hand was happy with his marriage and got over losing lulwa.. this was simply the perfect ending I could ever think of! as you said, it was the best show this Ramadhan

    • Yes ur right, However, maybe we think that if Lulwa n na9ir got married like Dalal n Nawaf they would have ended in a better way. Not ending together never means not ending well 😉
      Thanks for passing by

  2. All I can say is: *sigh*


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