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Personal Napket Experience !

Yesterday I was In The mood for yogurt Ice-cream So i called my cuzn n arranged with them to meet at Nakpet !

That was my first time there and I simply LOVED the place !! although kan wdi nig3d inside bs my cuzn was sniffing funny smell n so we changed our table into an outer one ! That did not affect my experience at all ! I had the original n Vimto with 4 toppings ;p I had mango, strawberries, pomegranate, and pineapple ! LooL funny how my cup was full I really loved the fresh fruit, too bad i forgot to take some photos to show u , inshallah next time ! I’m soooo gonna go again.

Loved every thing abt it , lighting, furniture, service, good tasting yogurt and am sure their food n salads r good as well !!

10 mnts later i felt soo cold ! Needed a blanket wallah ;p So it was late n we had to pick something from D&D 7g my brother in law ! ashwa makan wayd za7ma by the time we were there , and so ended our hang out ams w radena il beat by 2 AM !! ;p ashwa mama ma galat shy ;p lool yallah ma 3aleeh ma biga shy 3la irmthan w in9er 5osh awadim inrd il beat imbacher inshallah ;p


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  1. loool atleast you had fun oo methel ma geltay its rumthan 😛


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