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My Cheese Cake !

Ok so Today i made a CHEESE CAKE ! Believe it or not i did ;p ! Well to be honest i wanted to try if am able to do it or not

I remember Zayoon my sis used to make it all the time whn she was in highskool ! lol funny zayoon t7b il ma6ba5 mn zman bs ana kila the little one w eli ma adish il ma6ba5 w ma aro7 il mowajeeb until zayoon got married n I have to do something useful in this life so what’s better than a Cheese cake, I thought !

n I decided to share the Recipe with U guyz 😉

Ingredience :

1 Digestive Biscuit ( 100g)

1/2 pack butter ( 113g)

1 pack cream powder ( whipped cream)

1 thick cream ( geemar ) (170 g)

1 can sweet condense milk ( 297g)

1 tbsp gelatine

1/4 cup hot water

1 pack cream cheese ( 240g) I used Keeri

1 can topping (I used the strawberry topping or filling its the same )

Preparation :

First u melt the butter, grind the biscuit with better in the electronic processor, then press it into the removable base form tin, chill thoroughly in the fridge.

Then dissolve gelatine  in hot water.

Using electric beaters or processor, beat all remaining ingredients except the topping until smooth, add gelatine mixture the blend for 1 min.

Finally pour the mixture over the biscuit, freeze until set, then pour the filling n refrigerate until set.

The result is :

sorry for bad quality picture bs i was in a hurry then the cheese cake got eaten so no more left to take a pic of ;p ! hanny w 3afya 3alehom they say inha kant good bs 3ad ma yindara yimkn yg9oon 3ly ;p ma yaboni a3tizl il kitchen ;p


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  1. ya36eech il 3afyaa ;* hehe I want to make a pie 😛 i always watch fatafeat…

    • allah y3afech ;** walla me too i want to make a pie w alot of things bs I dnt have a made to help me out so i dnt really get excited whn i remember the lots of things i will b washing after wards ;p

  2. such an inspiration!
    tislam edich babes

  3. This looks good.
    Tislam il ayadi 😉


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