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Huh ;/ ?!

ok so he did not just do that 9a7 ?! OMG shfeeeeeh ;s yy cheating !!!

So now we finally knw where did the boys get their cheating skills from ! Why every one in this house have to cheat ! what’s with the cheating ;s ?! 9ara7ah am getting scared mn marriage ! Shno y3niiii rayliii biy5oni m3a ablat wildi mathalan ;/ ? wila m3a om rfejat bnti ;s ?! what if i decided to have 7 kids ! Shall i expect 7 cheating stories ?!

ma 7abeettik ya thnayan kilish !  ma yinlam fai9al then dam his dad chithy ! w with who ! his SISTER In law ! Eeeew she’s like ur sis how could u ! ;@@@

3la golat baba : etha kan rabo il bait bil daf na8iron, sheimato ahil il baiti kilohom il ra89o ;p ! lol


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  1. i like the show very much

  2. its not like its ture …they put the worse of the good u must know that …,they must show u the mistake’s people do.not the good people r 😀
    dont worry its not that much real

    • I hope so , if that’s true 3yal ma biga a7d in this town faithful !
      3ad i think its good to show the bad in ppl 3shan il nass tt3alam bs it’s more important to show the good too ! not all ppl learn by mistakes some learn by goodness ! n what benefits it brings to us

  3. ana mashooof mosalsalat khalijiyaaa wala 3arabeya belmarra kelshay ebal’3oon feha wenarfezoon elwa7ed :/

    sh7alat elmosalsalat el ajnabeya 😛

  4. 😛 eee ma9eekhohaa 9ara7a let them all cheat i don’t care..but why kill my fave character :/

  5. Yes the 7alqa 3aqdtni too! now I am scared, I dont wanna get married!! no matter how good or bad am I men are men they get bored easily ! so sooner or later he will cheat on me! I think I am gonna get rid of the idea from getting married =/

  6. zwarat 5amees is clearly way out of line!

  7. LOL allahuma la shamata! but its sad how some of these stories are from reality!

    the plot is becoming more and more less realistic..
    and to me the thnayan/nadia thing is disturbing..

    • Eeeh wallah 9ij its really sad !

      I agree ,, it’s getting less realistic especially Thnayan/Nadiya thingy !! n the way they act like a teenagers !! its just so not appropriate !

  8. apparently, Heba Hamada hates all men =/


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