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Re-Friendship !

Today I meet One of my oldest Friends, Not only old by the time that we were apart, also by the distance n heart. This Friend Decided to disappear n walk away in the middle of no where for no reason, or lemi say no appeared reason for me back then.

almost one n half years back, my friend walked away from me, I asked n called many times only to get the same answer : ” walla mako busy, u know masha’3il il dinya w bnt5araj soon fa am busy with graduation w kil shy.” I didnt buy it back then n tried many times to reach my friend n ask y y ! Same reply same answer every time, until one day I decided not to ask n call, i thought maybe am bothering my friend who was maybe really so busy. I stopped calling, texting, facebooking, msning even meeting in University for a long time.

One year n 6 months ( I guess if not more ) I saw my Friend in that time maybe 3 or 4 times by coincidence. We did not even say hi, couple of msgz n if im not mistaken one phone call that did not last more than 5 mnts ! Yes we were apart, very apart !

After hearing the news about my father, My friend wrote on my FB wall to give me their condolences ! my used to be close w very close not any friend to me wrote on my FB wall after hearing the news ! did not sent me a private msg, nor a text not even a phone call ! only wrote on my wall ! I felt sad, I know we have been apart, but whn sad events happens, especially death of a close relevant, i though my friend will realize something n would call me but my friend did not do that ! I know it was summer n every one is traveling, so i said maybe my friend is waiting to get back to Kuwait n maybe then i will hear from my Friend. I knew through some1 that my friend came back, n one day i was with another close friend who suggested that i give my friend a call ! And so I did 😉 I knew I would not hold my self to blame my friend about every thing they did to me, but i was trying not to !

today and after asking my friend for a gather, I meet My close friend again. We chit chatted, we laughed, I cried a bit , we smiled we told each other many things n we blamed each other for the days that took us apart, n We are friends, I hope !

I Love all my friends n I dont let go of any of them so easily, I fight, I blame , I cry , I shout , I ignore , I walk away, I get back , I give gifts, and I care about each one of them ! I cant Leave a friend behind me, unless they asked me to walk away for a reason or another, I will walk away, just to please them if i knew that will do so.


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  1. it’s sad when someone who used to be so close becomes almost a stranger 😦

  2. she shouldve called first! oh well il7imdila at least ur happy about getting bak together:)

    • el 7imdlilah 3la kil 7al , I always say that after losing my dad, things became smaller in my eye ! y3ni it doesnt matter for me if she called or not ! 7az ib5a6ri inha ma 3zatni by phone ! w she wrote on my fb wall like a total stranger, bs after all kil hal sha’3lat is really small comparing to losing some1 precious 😉

  3. I used to have those kind of friends


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