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In The memories of Him

7abebi oboy mokanah 5ali wayd hal irmthan ! I miss him wayd that yesterday I could not stop staring at his picture and Cry !

I know mamati 7abebti is here, but I miss Him bcoz He was my Buddy ! He used to agree with me 3la kil shy, w we had alot in common ! a7b kalamh, tafkera 6are8ta islobah kil shy feh was different ! I remember whn i was about 12 I had an idea of writing a book about him ! How Great he was n how Gentle ! m3a inh whn i go back in time, I dont remember that he used to say much of his feelings to me, but after he got cancer He changed alot. He always have been a great father, Husband n even a Son. My grandma loves him wayd, even me I feel special to be his Daughter ! Other than my other Cuzns ! I feel like He was special to her, and my Ante Too ! A7ss we were special bcoz i7na 3yalah ! I love the feeling whn we all gather w i feel special between them all from every one bcoz he was special to all of them n so we were !

Etha za3alni ma yhdni 2ila w ana rathya, w he used to tell me 2ila inty ma ahidch z3lanah ! kan ygoli ” انتي روحي اللتي بين جنبي ”

if my siblings asked : ” what about Us ? ” He used to say ” ana a7bkom kilkom bs hathi fiha ishwayat ‘3ala zayid 😉 ”

I miss being special in this house, Setting by his side all the time ! In every Gathering on the table or On the couch, I tend to sit Next to him ! I feel different when He’s with me ! Even when I go out with him, 7atta low 7g il jam3iya, it feels different with him ! a7ss chini arid little girl again, I go grab some chocolate n Especially kinder Surprise ! N fill his Basket with it w ogaf 3ind il Casher waiting for him to pay ! 😉 I miss that feeling, whn i go to jam3iya with my parent n pick every thing i want n whn it comes to the casher i pick some gums w more chocolate, then waits for him to say something ;p but he didnt so i go pick some more redbulls then he give me the look that says BIG NO to redbull ! so i take it bk ;( ! makan yirthali I drink Redbull ! He always used to say that its not good for ur health n causes alot of health problems ! I used to be one big redbull addict but then i quit !

Now in Ramathan I miss his Fav Tv Show like this one :

You may Rest in Peace Ya a7la Daddy ;* a7bk w walhana 3alek wayd


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  1. 3warty glbii ya Toona 😦

    best memories survive forever! allah yer7ma nshallah 7beebty entay :*

    • 7yati saroon ;* ra7mat allah 3alehom ajma3en ,, tra ana kil ma agra 7g oboy athkir mamatich 😉 ya rab they will b in a better place ,, aked their memories will survive forever, its such a loss that my children will not meet such a great dad !

  2. Mashallah you are so lucky to have had a father like that…you have no idea how many people just wish one moment of what you experianced in ur life 🙂 Al7amdullah oo inshallah he is in a better place…latisane to pray for him always…:)

    • Thanks alot sweetD, I’m glad that i have lived 21 years with him around me n I loved every moment of it ! Im glad that he is my daddy n am so proud of who I am today bcoz of him ! He brought me up right that now all i wish is to make him proud of me too !
      I will never forget him, He lives inside my soul 😉 Always was always will , May he rest in peace !


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