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Hair Cut !

Have i mentioned before that i felt like cutting my hair ?!

Ok so whn i dnt feel good/sad, i tend to cut my hair for a kind of change !

Now the problem is my hair was already short, n I got addicted to Sahir lail so 8arrart i get the same hair cut of Haya !

Went to the Saloon yesterday, walked in to almost an empty Saloon then My Hair Stylist M took me in  ! Sooner i figured that my hair was almost gone ! ;s

Ok usually i say whn i Cut my hair that i feel like ” Nareela ” !! or coconut ! which i hateeeee ;S

But this time i Feel like Mushroom ! I felt like my head was like a Mushroom ! ;s

Mom, n Friends said that it looks good bs ana madre a7isa 9ar too much g9er ! I told M mabi tga9rah wayd ;( !

Abi now y6wal bser3aaaa !! ;(


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  1. ambeeeh ham ana chethy ba3d! marra i felt sooo bad n upset 7asheta boy mn galb! bs b3deen becheet bachii 😦

    ma3aleeeh! e6ool nshallah na3eeman :*

  2. Saroon ana now 7ashaita 7ash 9ar nitfaa ;( ! oho suppose to be boy 6weel bs t3rfen eli 9irt mushrooma ;( ! bs till now ma bichet la2ina omi galatli BE A MAN AND TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY OF UR ACTIONS ! so ana now being a man ;( !

    yim3am ib 7alich 7abebti ;**

  3. Thats why I can n ever cut my hair too short! knowing that I will regret doing it! though I am dying to go for something short and crazy like this ” ” but to be honest i dont dare ;p anyway dont be sad cuz its hair so sooner or later it will grow longer so cheer up sweetie! I didnt see it but I bet it looks really nice 😉

    • First time i go for short hair was 3 years back after my sister’s wedding, I did it short bs 7ilo w the thing abt short hair is that u hate waiting for it to be long same time u wish it grow fast ! i hate the phase in the middle of short n long hair ! mid-length ! so i get frustrated n go cut it back n I go through the same cycle again n again ;p

      I knw it will grow bs i feel like a mushroom now ;( ! that’s all what i can tell abt it w thanx for ur support 7abebti ;*

  4. hehe sorry but u made me laugh with mushroom thing :p

    so are u basically boy-cut now? cuz if thats the case its sexy :p

    takr biotin, zinc, multivitamin, drink milk & see how fast it will grow back 🙂 na3eeman

    • Lool i knw walah i look funny too ! ;p Bs shasawi hatha n9ebi

      and yeah its almost a boy-cut ;s

      allah yin3m ib7alich am taking Biotin w shakli baro7li 7away ashof any thing that helps it grow fast ! ;(

  5. I want to cut my hair too…the last time I cut it i didnt like it cuz i wanted to be able to grow it…i mean i grew it for 8 months 😛 bs mako fayda…short hair looks good after a couple or weeks ;)let it grow out and u will see..sometimes it’s not it a pixie hair cut? cuz im thinking of cutting it but im afraid cuz thats very short!

    • Wallah for the last 3 years I have always cut my short, its so stylish yet feminine ! n Easy to deal with also. It’s not that Pixie ;p Bs its short n its a boy cut !
      If u really want good short hair cut, my hair stylish is really good ! She has such a great hands ! now i know that my hair is not bad bs the problem is that i wanted it to b a bit longer ! Bs i’ll give it 2 weeks w inshallah it will b better 😉


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