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Dear Dad, (2)

Dear dad,

Embarak 3alek il shahar 😉 I donno how am gonna say this bs I really cant feel like irmithan while ur not here ! I donno how it is gonna work with us this year. Your place on the table at F6oor time, and on the couch or ur empty Fav chair during T.v shows is just too much to be seen empty ! Especially when it comes ur fav tv show for bo 3abdallah n 7aleema on KTV !

Now, just tell me How are u doing ? and how’s everything up there ? Hope ur feeling better now 😉 tell me how is irmithan Feels like with u ? Do u feel lonely ? or have you found some friends ? maybe meet someone u know ? old friends ? I hope u did, I dnt want u to feel lonely ! like I do here, without u. U know I’ve missed u beyond the missing it self n I need u so much to be around, u left so quickly that I couldn’t tell u kil shy I wanted to say, so I guess I will b writing for u every now n then, and I promise I will keep in touch, u will keep hearing or ready from me beside every pray I send for you n every tear I cried over you, I know u can feel me, bcoz I feel you too.

Today Uncle M came by, u know how much I miss seeing u with him. Tadre he still sits the same place in our living room, where he usually sits infront of your couch. We brought the dates dessert you always love, n mom made the Arabian coffee just the way you love it. They kept talking about u, they kept mentioning you until my eyes were filled with tears, I will be honest with u I was jealous of seeing my cousin with her dad, and mine is not with me ! I know it’s never your choice to leave nor you fault, bs I just cant help feeling lonely seeing all my cousins with their fathers n I dnt see mine between them. But here’s the good part of my letter, I feel loved ! By god ! I was thinking about what happened 3 years back until today, el7imdlilah I feel that god loves us. God loves u for n that’s yy u got sick, kilman ygol 3nk ink ri7t 9afi m9afa, rabbi mi7a kil thnobk ! w this is exactly yy I love ur sickness ! I told u before we have to be friends with it, it gaves u mercy n took all ur sins away, not that I believe u had any but even if u did they r all gone n ur now crystal clear. God loves me bcoz he gave me 3 years to adopt the idea of u being ill, n to give me time adjust with it. thank god for every thing I have n I got, and for having u as a father n taking u so quick.

6awalt 3alek this time moo 😉 7yati inta low aktblik il 3umr kila ma a5li9, you know how much am missing u n missing talking to u ! my Father, My Friend, My Love, My Son, My all ;*

Yours truly,

Toona ;*


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  1. *Hugs*
    Allah yer7emah =[
    mathwah el.jannah InShallah

  2. 😀 I luv ur letters…ur such a sweeet person :* akeed your dad is watching over you and is happy and very proud of u!


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