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Dear Dad, (1)

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Dear Dad,

I thought of writing u this bcoz i have so much i wanna say ! I know u have been gone just two weeks ago or actually 18 days ! bs i really have soo much to tell u. I know some ppl would think im a bit getting out of my mind bs i think this will make me feel more close to u, so i wont care wht others say abt me as long as i feel closer to u.

First of all, i missed calling u the first thing in the morning n checking abt u, so i would do it here now. Tell me how r u doing ? how’s every thing going on ? I hope ur feeling good, less pain n more calm n rest ! U see after ur gone for like 5 days ur friend ” Uncle Bo H ” said that he had a dream abt u, it was so good n relieving. He said that he saw u in some good place having lunch with good ppl n that u looked good n happy, I really hope that u r truly happy n in a better place. As for us, well am good dnt worry. Surprisingly am eating well, actually beyond well ;p n I have gained a little weight ;D just like u always wanted me to do so, now i weight   53 ! I look better than ever n el7imd lilah am sleeping, going out not so much bs whn i need to, stronger than i thought i would be, remembering ur words every single moment, i guess thats what keeps me strong enough to face this world without u. However, mom is a bit tired. Crying n missing u soo bad, but dont worry im keeping good eye on her. I sleep with her in ur place n I keep her company all the time so she wont feel lonely. She’s in good hands so u dnt have to worry abt her.

In the past couple weeks, many ppl were around trying to support us, many have sat n talked abt u so gently ! I always knew that u were good bs never thought u were that popular n had that much of a fans ;p lool many women came into the 3aza n cried so hard for u, others have read alot of 8or2an n dedicated to u, as for us we read for u every day am sure u knw that, and i also pray for u every day, i will always do.

Yeah i never got the chance to tell u my final grades in my summer course, am sorry bs i got a C+ for marketing, remember the one i used to study with u ! ahh baba it was tooooooo long !!! Bs the good news is that i Got an A in Finance ;D Yuppyyyy soo proud of me ! i know u would be too.

hmm mabi a6awil 3alek Bs plz take good care of ur self, n dnt forget me. Whenever u can try to contact me, U knw i still can hear ur voice calling me Toona ! and i really wish i would meet u in a dream some day soon ! I miss ur touch n ur kiss ;*

Love u alot babati

U may rest in peace 7yati ;*

Dont worry i will keep in touch, n i will write for u every once and a while, maybe even more ;p ! Expect me soon


P.s Say hi to grandma n grandpa for me ;*


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  1. This is one of the most amazing posts I have read in a long time…:) Mashallah I am sure he would be so proud of you for being as strong as you are and taking care of ur mum. Inshallah he is in a better place and may he truely rest in peace.

    Thank you for a touching letter.

    • Thanx alot ! I was hesitating alot abt this post bs after ur lovely comment i feel more confident than ever. Thank you for the sweet words, w ya rabbi yr7m amwat il moslmen ajma3en.

  2. Oh my God! Allah yer7oma we’3amed roo7a el yannah. I cried so much after reading this post. Allah la ya7remkom men a7baabkom.

  3. Allah yer7oma

  4. mwaaah :*

    7yate entay u’re not losing ur mind! lady, i used to talk to my mom as if she was infront of me, i was talking to thin air! and i still do smtimes!

    allah yer7ama nshallah!

  5. Sweetie,
    that was so touching,, I really think u should keep on doing this, write & write & write .. do it if it makes u feel good.. if it makes u feel close 2 him. I’m sure he’s proud of u =]
    u’re words moved me to tears.. Allah yer7am ur Dad o InShallah he’s in a better place, he must B, he’s with Allah o mafi a7ad ar7am 3laih mn Allah

    • Dear Hope,

      thanx alot 7abebti for ur lovely words n support ! i will keep writing for him bcoz that will give me the feeling that he can actually feel me !

      rabbi yr7m amwatna w amwat il moslmen ajma3een ya rab

  6. beautiful:)
    inshallah he is proud of u and u always make him happy

    • I hope he is 😉 The least i can give for such a great father, friend, boy-friend, husband n every thing u could imagine is 2 make him proud n happy ;* a7iba wayd


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