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Scent of the day; Balenciaga Paris !

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While many ppl came over in the 3azza, I smelled this very lovely smell on my sister’s Friend ” B ” I asked her n she told me that she recently got this perfume, it’s Balenciaga Paris ! I really loved it on her n while i was black shopping the week after in Avenues with my cuzn some sales ladies were promoting it from Vavavoom so I had it on my skin n it was really good !

U see i have a problem with some fragrances, I tend to like it at first then after a while it gives me Migraine so I could not smell it again ! or some of them I just cant stand from the begging like one million !!!!!! Eeeew i can smell that perfume from a very far away n try to avoid it as possible as i could ! even my brother’s friends, they know that i HATE it so I warn them not to wear it if they’re coming over ! So i was really happy that this Perfume does not cause me nausea nor migraine 😉 Bcoz i had enough the past couple weeks !

I also Love to choose my fragrances very carefully, it should be light yet smellable ! Feminine yet wearable at mornings n very classy ! y3ni if u see the collection I have u would understand, starting from Coco Mademoiselle Chanel n Ending with Bkhoor 7anan From il3abdilme7sin , and Now add to it Balenciaga Paris ! 😉

P.s Highly Recommended !


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  1. loved this perfume already 🙂

  2. the other day i found this and remembered smells really good! wayd 3jibatni

    • 7abebti ya Boudoir, tathkrich il 3afya ya rab 😉
      Eee ana wayd 7abita, it really smells good n different, Highly Recommended ! especially with Bokhor yi6la3 7ilo b3d


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