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Good morning Toona !

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Never thought i will ever have a good morning after my daddy left me, but today it was actually a good one ! after a very bad night ! el7imd lilah allah ya5ith w ya36i ,, i thought when i was happy with This box !!

Yes I received this today !! I ordered it with my cuzn a while ago, n we actually received it today 😉 She came into my mom’s room whr I lately sleep at n wakes me up !!  ” toooona goooomay wi9al il shoes ” She said ;p ok she was tooo excited ;p Bs 9ara7a malomha it was really cool waking up for ur new TODS 😉

I was happy that this box actually could made my day ! after my very big loss i thought i would never feel the same for anything in this life like i used to, bs il 7imdlilah god helps us n let us still feels happy even if it was for a pair of TODS ! 😉


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  1. yeeey im happy for ya dear :* that’s great!!!

    u know u’re lucky to feel this way! for me til date when i buy smth i get really happy but after a day or two it would be meaningless to me and i wouldnt use it for days or months smtimes!

    • sweera 7yati tslmenli ;**

      u knw i never thought that i would actually feel this way abt a shoes or anything in this world anymore ! bs il7imd lilah i was happy to feel so, however, i thought maybe i felt this bcoz am in a total denial ?! or maybe not , i keep questioning myself abt every single thing n just hopes that daddy would gets me the answer like he always used to do ! i wish i could meet him in my dreams n he would actually tell me wht do i do now ?! how do i feel ?

      • u know it took me 3 or 4 months to dream about mama after her death! sooner or later he will visit you! just wait for him :*

  2. tadren 6amanteni y3ni its normal ?! i dreamed abt him once mn 2 weeks bs kan shy 5arabe6 i dnt even recall it ! i will wait for him aked bcoz i missed him alot ;*


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