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Hospitalize – 3 !!

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Sleepless night ! Yesterday I had a Sleepless night in the hospital ! I couldn’t just leave him, his case is getting worse by the hour ! 

Yes He’s Not getting any better, il 7imd lilah 3la kil 7al , at least now after the very strong anesthetic they give him, finally he’s resting, sleeping ,unconscious He can’t feel me or hear me, although if any loud sound or touch he would make some uncontrollable movements with his head n hands ! of course his hands is tightened to the bed bcoz he’s always trying to take of the Oxygen mask off !  What can i say more ? He’s almost gone ! Bs above all of that i can only say el 7imd lilah 3la kil 7al , at least he’s not in pain any more ! ams he wasnt stable at all !! couldnt breath n couldnt sleep, too tired to talk n too tired to do anything !!! after doing the X-rays they found that he has chest infection ! again !!! i guess this is yy he’s not being able to breath well ! His Lungs function in a 20 to 30% percent rate only !

Doctors are predicting terrified numbers of left life expectancy ! Bs ard w agol kil shy beed allah ! They can give all the numbers they want w bil nihaya kil shy beed rab il 3alameeen ! wa7da eli katba biy9er ,, as much as am in love with him, as much as i adore him ! noo i love him beyond the love n care n everything ! I dont even have the words to describe my love as much as I want him to rest ! I cant stand see him suffer anymore !! AM not gonna be selfish anymore n I’m not gonna ask for much, just ya rabbi ray7a w 5afif 3aleh !! 

w e7na … e7na malna 2ila rab il 3almeen mn b3dah ! ra7mita wsa3at kil shy fi hal dinya w akeed ohwa ar7m 3alena 

w again as he always said ” el 7amd lilah 2alathi la yo7md 3la makroh siwah ” !!


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  1. allah eshafee obooch o kil maree’9 inshala

  2. omg..
    im beyond sorry for what your going through
    Allah e3enkom mn kil glbi inshallah
    o ya rab ya rab may9eer ela kl 5air for everyone.
    ur doing great.. 5lli emanich qawi inshallah and just keep praying.
    6amena plz.

  3. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  4. dear toona

    im sorry about ur father..i have just read ur blog and it hurts to see the kind of thing ur going thru…i dont know what it is he has but it seems serious..ive been thru this for a while and can feel the difference between us..u seem ready to face whatever it is that comes from god mashallah 3alaich..i guess when u see someone suffer so much u just want that person to leave to the next world..kil ili ymur fii uboch la ajir kibeer o hatha 8abr 3ala bala2 o whatever allah yaktibla inshallah inshallah bithin allah he will be gaurded by god because he has chosen him to go through this because he loves him..i pray for u..and thankyou again for ur nice words guessing that u have seeked help now that i see what ur goin thru and mentioned to me u know someone..but its ok..sometimes u get help by those around u..i feel its the same..if uve got good people around u who r willing to listen to u and advice u then this is enough help..allah y3eeenkum o allah y9abraa o yashfeeeh ya raab


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