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Hospitalize – 2 !!

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U know how do I spend my time there ? almost all the time im in the room sitting while he’s sleeping, I sometimes take my laptop with me n I play on a movie or something with a headset on, or I play with my apps n watching him all time incase he needed anything !

And Then while we turn off the lights so he can sleep, n keep my silence n quit .. I start Thinking n thinking until I got into a point that i have to get my self out of it so i get out of the room, to the nurse stationary ,, I See Mr.M ;D He’s an mid 40 or less maybe Indian i guess ;p He Soo Lovely sweet n always calls my dad ” The Boss ” I donno yy ;p n He Calls me Marketing or Manager ;p bcoz am a Business Student ! ;p Yes He loves to give ppl nicknames ;p Now i Usually go n sit in front of him n ask him or lemmi say BEG him to give me anything to help ! any paper work ! any thing !! I could Be useful but i donno yy they dont use my offer ;p 

Then Today I saw Bab il 7ara !! ;p Ooh how much i love him !! ;** He’s a 40 years old Patient n He’s so lovely, optimistic guy 😉 He keeps smiling n smiling mashallah 3aleeh ya rabbi doom ;D h of course he’s zalama n thats yy we call him ” Bab il 7ara ” !! Keefaaaaaak ya 7aajiii ;p !! Kefoo il baba ? inshallah mnee7 ;p ! Cuttee right ;p ?!

Then comes the ugly part of my day, when the room # 5 visitors come ! y3ni 7aram he’s aked a patient n every thing bs his visitors r ,,, i donno what to say ! Loud n noisy , not to mention ista’3fer allah they r so difasha ! y3ni y9ar5oon ” hallaaaaaaaa boo flan , shlooooonk ? wishloon il walid ?! ” or Their kids play around n run here n there n u see one shout calling the other or so on ! n They have this visitor who came yesterday ,, omgggg hatha another story !! He’s a STALKER !!!!!!!! where ever i go he follows me !! OMG 7ttan in the hos they do such things ?! He follows me around here n there ! i go ask the Nurse for anything he walks right behind me !! then ma kafah i entered the room he was standing by the door n actually STARING through out the small window of the door ! Not to mention 7arakat eli 7a6 il phone on his ears pretending to be talking !! ekhhhhhhhhh Disgusting haa !!

Then comes last part of my Day, almost around 1 Am, daddy is sleeping am almost half a sleep half awake n mom 7ram ,, mom 7yati is really tired !! Then u see all the visitors r gone, but those who sleep with the patient like i mentioned before room 2 night guy ! 7ram he’s always there , today he was there since 8 pm ! 6ab3an until morning !! allah y36ehom il 3afya w yshafi kil il mar’6a y arab !

Then u See me walking out of the doors of the hospital, looking …. Calm lemmi say ! n hoping for a better tomorrow, while the tears in my eyes, that start falling whn i finally close the door of my car, are terrified of tomorrow !  Please tomorrow if your coming with a bad event, dont come ! Then The other sound of my head keeps asking, am I being Selfish ?! is keeping him in pain is Selfish ? But how can I let go ? I can not let go of him just yet ! I want more time .. Is That Selfish ?! However, I dont want him Suffering ! please god let your mercy be upon him ! ir7ima bra7mitk il was3a ya rab w 5afif 3aleeh 

w As he always taught me to say i drive back home repeating to my self one sentence …..” El 7md lilah 2alathi la yo7md 3ala makroh siwah ” 😉 !!


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  1. 7yati *hugs*
    I really hope your dad gets better.
    Wallah yshafi kil mareeth. Amen!

    What’s with this stalker? Chan zaffaiteeh zaffa mo7tarama!!!
    7itta bil mostashfa maykhalloon il wa7d eb 7ala (O.o) imyannan!!

    • thaanx 7abebtii ;**

      I really hope that too w ya rab ysm3 mnch inshallah

      I donno wallah what’s with him ! moo 6abe3i !! yogaf 3ind bab our room w yg3d bs y5iiz !! y3ni 7tta bil hos w el nass b7alat-hom w with their patient w hathola ma yst7oon w ma y5alon a7d b7allah !


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