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Perfectionist Vs. Flexibility !!

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Now that’s a Hot topic to be discussed !!

have you ever asked ur self if ur a perfectionist or not ? and if so, where is your flexibility among that ? 

Yes perfectionist can not always be good, sometimes its not even a motivation for better, its getting the better no matter what is the cost !! in that case, costs could be pretty big ! 

I think i have problem with that area, i donno yy bs my friend used to tell me that am an OCD, i seek perfection ! not for the right purpose to be honest ! i actually think that am doing what i do for the wrong reason, u want example ? i’ll give u one 

you see am not a SUPER A student but if im in a class where i feel that the competition is pretty hard, i tent to EXTEND my qualities n efforts to get the better grade ! No am not a geek am just a person who seek perfection ! n if not the A i would quit the course so easily ! ;s 

Once i had a french class, i was struggling !! now all the students were struggling too, but once we had our first midterm grade n i knew i wasnt the best i seriously told my friends that am gonna withdraw ! i went through the half of the course n now i want to withdraw bcoz of the lack of FLEXIBILITY i have ! 

So, i Decided to be more flexible less perfectionist !! ;D Not only in my work also in my personal life ;D 

I will tell u funny story ;p now am not a person who tent to insult ppl even whn im just kidding ! y3ni ok lamman at7arash fi my little bro i call him ” ahbal ” ! or ” mo 9a7i ” etha 3a9abt ma asib ,, madre lesh bs kilish ma7b il sab ! ;s w 6ab3an ma7b a7d ysbni !! 7ttan low 8ashmara !! atnarfaaaaaaaaaaz waayd ;s 

So one time i was talking to a friend of mine on the phone w he was like : ” TOOOOONA ” I answered : ” Na3am ?! ” 

Then the Reply was : ” Na3ama tarfisich .. ;p  LoooL ” !! w he was laughing !!! ;@ Do u know what did i do ? ONE WORD : ” BYE ” ! 

6ab3an till today y3ayirni 3la hal salfa inh ana 6aget-ha za3la 3shan he said ” n3ama tarfisich ” !! eeeh 9ara7a ma7b a7d ygoli chithy !! w b3dain sha5bari hal phrase @@ !! So he was like come on w we’re friends w cool w 3addi Be FLEXIBLE ! 

loool the other day he was kidding around w yit7arash feeni chan ygol ” Toona ” gilt ” n3am !! ” he was Like : ” Naaaaaanaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaa3mallah 3alech ;p !! LooooL ok 9ara7a that was funny ;p 

alot of ppl have told me that am not very Flexible n that what i decided to be ;D New Toona will be more Flexible ;D Bs plz l7d ysib !! ;p i still cant stand that ;s

This is an article i’ve come across n its really nice about the same topic 😉


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