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Hospitalize – 1 !

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I have Seen a lot in this building, Daddy is been hospitalize Since the beg of  March 2010, until today am on a daily shift to the hospital wether its day or night. Everyday I take the same road, same journey to the same place, I park, not always same parking spot bcoz of the current construction on the parking lot n I see the same cars parked there everyday, I guess they are wearing the same shoes of mine. This part of the story has a different ending, some happy like this guyz in Room 1 , I have seen him with a tube in his mouth and a personal nurse watching him 24/7 he’s never left alone, I thought he is in a comma or something ! The other day I saw his room empty n dark ! OMG i thought he passed away, rushed into the Nursery station n asked abt him ! el7mdlilah he didn’t passed away, in Fact he’s better n shifted to a normal room 😉 

Our neighbor, Room 2 is a 23 years old young man ! Believe it 23 !!!! His friends r all over the hallways, they gets the ward crowded especially in the weekend, they stay up until night although he should not be visited bcoz of his weak immunity ! But Guess nothing stops these young men ! They wear mask n gloves n Sit with him 😉 How sweet I thought  ! Also there is this young guy who comes only in night, i guess he takes over the night shift until morning ,, Nurses play with him Sony n others watch the matches with him ! 😉 

I have seen a lot in the walls of this building, I have seen happiness n joy 😉 and I have also seen death ! Once I was waiting for the elevator who took so long, so I went to the other big one, it was almost 10 PM, The elevator doors opened n a crowd with the passed away patient came out ! At once, I thought that was the single most fearful moment of my life ! Not mentioning the crying n sad faces i’ve seen !

Yesterday, I was sitting with Mr. M , He’s sooooo lovely Male nurse ;** , after i stole the file of my fathers i sat in the stationary with Mr.M n we start talking about his case, near by was sitting the night guy of room 2 , i guess C was there n also S 😉 We came across the last report written by the Doctor about my Father’s case which is getting worse by the day, n suddenly Mr.M said: you know ur father Feels it , The End is soon !! I smiled n replied : I know , am just keep smiling for his sake 🙂 ! Two mints later Icouldnt hold my self n rushed into the storage room n cried ! Funny how I could hold my tears n let it out in a storage room !  Later I went bk to my Daddy’s room smiling n kissing his hands n head n saying good byes bcoz im gonna leave ! This time I took the stairs instead bcoz I needed some privacy to take it out ! I cried n cried in that stairs for long  ! Until my face was literally funny ! When I came out on the ground floor, night guy was looking at me with sadness in his eyes I felt like he wanted to give me a hug ! Believe me in that moment I would not mind !! He’s New to this I guess, so this scene of me crying over will be his seeing alot in the same place I had !


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  1. *cries*

    im really sorry for what u’re going through my dear! i cant imagine how hard it is but this is life n u never know what will happen :*

    u know, if ur father is where i think he is (hospital) then let me tell u there is this hot nurse that ive seen once <– okay im trying to cheer you 🙂

    i dont know what to say sweety, i really wish that i can make this better but its not in my hands!!!

  2. Sweera * Hugs * Thanks sweetie ;** ur words meant alot to me 😉 n Yeah of course hot nurses could always help believe me ! Better than the non-professional Doctors with flip flops I have seen ;s !!

  3. I’m speechless, what u write whether makes me wanna smile or sad inside, I’m just lost between two, I pray your father and all patients to get well soon inshalla.

  4. Bless you, you are stronger than you ever know & God is closer than ever think, I invoke God that all your patients & ur daddy to have a speedy recovery. peace!

  5. 7abeebti
    My prayers are with you & your father.
    Allah ygawma bissalama inshallah



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