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T & Z .. Spotted in Avenues !!

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Spotted in Avenues this evening , T & Z having a heart to heart time ! 

it been a almost a month since that day, and i know we wont be able to go back to the way we were unless we have this convo 

tonight i have selected the time, place and the courage to ask for it and it happened 

Picked my BFF up from her place and went to Avenues; this is our last chance to save this friendship 

as she’s gonna travel soon and if she did without a settled down feelings, I know with all my heart that when she will b back in town , things will never go back the way it were 

I guess no better place to save ur friendship than mixing ur feeling with some good food to share ur feelings with ! 

Chances are this Friendship will survive the hard times but is that what we r willing to do ? Or shall we just move on ?

Results : 

T & Z r back ;D like before and even closer ! and actually ended up buying a gift for a friend’s B.Day their Attending Tomorrow ! 

Looove u Z ;**


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  1. LOOOOOOOL . . . u should hv said XOXO Gossip Girl 😛 i liked the narration hehe 🙂

    shofay ana 3ndi rfeejti mn ayam erawtha bs nesena ba3th fatra o we came back bethanaweya o til now we’re best friends bs allah layraweeech elsowalif elli marina feha! 3adi it9eeer with all friends sb those who r pure inside u will get back to!

    Congraaaaaaaaaats 😀

    • LooL eeh saroon shifty shloon anf3 a9er wiyahom moo ;p ?

      Mashallah 3alekom wallah 9ij if those ppl r pure inside they will always be together as u said ,, hope my friendship will last as urs ya rab 😉


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