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MeTime Nail Spa; Special Experience !!

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Yesterday, I went to try the special experience at MeTime nail spa in Avenues Phase 2 , Now i’ve read and herd alot about it  So it was Finally the Time for me to actually Try it !! 

And What Can i Say ?! They R Beyond Greatness !! You see when i usually compare two nail spas i go for the same package, like i try the Basic Mani and Pedi and then i can compare fairly so Yesterday i choose the Basics and it was really good ! Loved their place , their services, their cleanness and akeed their color selection ! 

First i was there at Time ! went directly inside n choose my color from this HUGE color selection !! which akeed made me more ” mi7tara ” abi a7i6 mn kil il alwan ! kilhom 7ilween ;D 

Then i had a couple of Pictures for the place there ,,, 9ara7a it’s one of the most beautiful places i’ve been to , i Guess i will be their Loyal Customer from now On ;D !! ooh yeah did i mention that they have a loyalty member card where u can actually Get a special DISCOUNT !! ;D 

They also have this CUTE Little Tv screen on each chair where you have a control over, along with their massage system chairs !!!! WOW haaa ;D Sooooo CoooL !! This Experience is a must believe me ! 

And the Results Are    =====>>> ;D 

Isn’t That Soo CooL ;D ? 

U can Book an appointment n Go give them a Try , Am sure u will Fall in Love with them just Like me 😉 

Here’s Their Fb Page  and their Website 

P.s Prices R Good ! Very !! 😉


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  1. wanasaaaaaaa,,,gotta try them 🙂

    na3eeman :*

  2. thanks so much for a very nice comment were happy to hear it!!!!hope to see u next time…

  3. Thank you for the wonderful post!

  4. nice 😉
    3laich bl 3afya i love the color u picked (heart)

  5. thank you for the wonderfull comment u wrote.

  6. Woooow looks really nice and enviting 😉 I’ll definitely go give them a try next time i come 😀


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