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Amanda Seyfried !!

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Amanda Seyfried pretty ? attractive ? Cute ? or Not ? What do u think 😉 ?!! 


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  1. hhhmmm ur look alike @@?! if she’s then i’d say no, entay waaaaay a7la menha 😀

    • lool awww saroon ;* 3yonich il 7ilween .. bs laaa kilish moo my look alike ! awal farg her eyes is too big w mine r like . . !! ;p nitaf ;p Bs madre something about her is madre what !

  2. Ma t3jebny abd….mafeha zod, bs a7la ma feha ‘3mazat-ha.

  3. she was not that pretty befor kanat a8al mn 3adya but now she looks so cute … I guess Holly Wood gave her a makeover :p

    • LoooL yeah i guess that too bcoz 7ttan ana madre ma kint ashofha 7ilwa now after ” dear John ” & ” Chloe ” a7ss there is defiantly something about her !


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