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Ryoog Review !

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Today morning we went to Ryoog For breakfast, well it was not really a breakfast as we arrived there by 1 pm ;p 

The palace is really nice, small cosy n very cute !! the service is friendly and sweet , they have around 9 tables to serve, it was half full so not much of a crowd 

the menu is as shown in their FB page 

we had Oriental Breakfast of what do they call it by ” Ryoog sharqi ”  which was nice and comes with both orange juice and a cup of coffee ;D But the 6e7ena was a bit sour so we told them and they were so friendly and gave us a bag of pan cakes instead to take away ;p 

My bro ordered Turkey Omelet which was the best !!! 7adda yummy !! i shared with him a bit ;p bs 3a99ab w gal bassich 5ala9teeh 3ly ;( !

so i gave him half of my Belgium waffles which was also very yummy n too big on me ! i had only half of it bs wallah kan soo yummy 


Also they were kind enough to let me take photos of their food preparing area … this is the open one , they have their kitchen back side of the rest 

Really the staff were friendly and lovely and let me take photos of their uniform ;p 

Now here’s the Good Part !!! The price was Soooo goood !!! actually i never thought its that good ;p

Kitakeeeeeeeeeeet ;* i highly recommend that u guyz go give them a visit ,, their food is soo good the place is cosy and nice am sure u will have a very special experience ;D just like i Did 😉


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  1. 3lech bl3afya sound a great place 😉
    shno el orange ele 1 k.d 😛

    • alah y3afek walla aklmhom wayd nice 😉

      lool hatha il orange juice eli extra bcoz we were 3 w the dishes we ordered comes with only 1 orange juice & a cup of coffee so we ordered the extra one 7g my bro ;p

  2. im planning to try it soon nshallah! bel3afia 3alech 😉

  3. I heard their food is yummy but their service is awful

  4. OMG!! anwa3 el5eyana!! y3ny re7tow bdony o ma ne6rtony?!! Bs those pics look so yummy…i wanna give it a try one day.

    • LoooL ;$ i7m i7m ;p wallah zayoon we r highly sorry bs tra still waiting for u 7g carinoz ;p bs ryoog experience was soo yummy !! atwa83 u will like it ,, 3indhom falafil ;p u love hal sowalif w fool w chithy 7arakat ,, yalla come w lets go

  5. looks so yummy I love breakfast I wanna try it out


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