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New in Starbucks Coffee !

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I’m never ever a starbucks fan ! am not even a coffee fan, am more of an english tea Gurl or what do they call it here by ” Chay m5addar ;p ” w ba89am or chay 7aleeb w chabattie ;p Bs the other day u know examz w chithy so a friend wanted to meet me @ starbucks to study , i usually go with mango passionfruit but this time they offered me to try out the New Espresso and Cream Frappuccino Blended coffee, that day i did not had my ice tea so i needed caffein for my brain to function still ;p i ordered that and guess what ..?! i actually liked it ;D wallah makan wayd thgeel which i know all of their drinks r ! n makan wayd cramel w ashya2 chithy ,, it was coffee with madre sowalifhom eli y76onha w it turned out well ;D i liked it waaayd ;D lool 3ad toona w liked a new thing ;p al7en y9er my new habba ;p Bs ystahil especially whn my Lipton peach ice tea is always out of stock ;( !  

w here’s the nutrition facts about it !! ashwa moo wayd calories ! 

P.s the pic was taken from their website, though the pic in the Ad By Kuwait Starbucks was totally different bs i guess that what they offered me that day !


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