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Nail spa’s in Kuwait, Super Busy !

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Two days ago my Cuzn from abroad sent me a msg ” Toona, am coming this weekend so book us at any nail spa lets pamper ourselves” So i called 5 different nail spa trying to find an appointment !! all of them answered me with the same answer ” Sorry maaaaaaaaam we’re fully booked ” !!!!! ishda3waaaa mako appointment for 2 !! 

the problem is even if they might have appointment, all at a very difficult time ! either 3 PM ! where im usually in home having my lunch or at the hospital with dad n also having lunch ! or none ! i had a doctor appointment same day @ 7 so i was trying to find any whr to do our nails after 8 pm ! most of them close at 9 n the rest r fully booked ! mashallah good business, i thought ;p ! 

9ara7a kan 7eel wdi ajarb me time nail spa or 20.24k at avenues bs 7asafa none of them were able to take me n my cuzn ! 

So finally we went to N-bar ! my friends ;p i always go to N-bar bcoz of the location, good service n good color selection ! actually great one but this time i wanted to take my cuzn to a more fancy one !  Any way we went there, late of course bcoz my doc appointment took longer than i thought n i couldnt do my nails ;( ! So it was just her who did her’s n here’s  the picture : 

I loved the color she selected ! it was soo nice on her i think i may do it next time 

P.s im thinking to open my own nail spa, it’s always a success in this part of the world ;p So if any one want to be my partner i’ll be glad to have them ;p


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  1. i dont know if im suppose to comment on this its girly thing 😛

    but any way i know how its feels to get sick of looking for appointment ..and its summer i believe mako sh’3il ‘3er goin to spa and enjoying there time’s 😛

    • lool ur always welcome to comment on any post u like 😉
      and yeah sure it does especially whn u dont have flexible time ,, abt the summer part ,, ur right if u have nothing to do so why not visit every spa in this country,, i guess for the sake of change at least , rather than going to the same malls n restaurants

  2. I wonder what women did in q8 before all these nail spas ?! I always face the same problem! I cant book an appointment 1 day before :s

    • eeeh wallah 9ajjah i have always wondered the same ;p laa w lamman ri7t to n-bar ,, it was FULL !! cute little 3 years old gurl was given a full seat just like adults ;p i thought of suggesting them to put one of those little chairs n small sinks for their little customers to leave the big space for big ones ;p

  3. I had the same problem once but I needed an appointment for 3!! I finally got one at n-style!! they were amazing!!! and I booked the appointment the same day! they’re located in al bustan mall!

    • wallah i hesitated to try that , a friend of mine told me once about them but i never tried them, i guess after ur recommendation i will surly give them a try !

  4. u should hv Nail Station! ehablooon o kella adar3em bedon appointment 😀

    • eeeh hathoola el 3adleen ;p abi chithy aroo7 w they take me in ! moo kila soorryy we’re fully booked ;s ! if u dnt mind saroon i want their # for next time !

  5. I’m sorry to hear you couldnt get an appointment with us, I recommend next time leave your name and number and am sure someone will cancel and receptionist will call you 🙂
    Inshallah you’ll visit us at Me Time soon…

    • ooh dear dont worry am sure u will be seeing my face soon enshallah 😀 ! I just faced this trouble bcoz i dnt have a flexible time as well ,, n as much as I herd about u guyz, i was sooo wanting to try that experience 😉


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