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RIP; Sayid M7amd 7sen Fa’6allah .. ra7mt allah 3aleh !

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Yesterday, a great man , and a great lost we have faced, yesterday we have lost one of the most moderate rational men in our islamic and arabic world , he was a symbol for moderation, objectivity and peace ! He was a bless from god to this community, Sayid M7md 7ssen Fa’6allah he may rest in peace as he lived in one and rabbi yir7mah w y’3amd ro7ah il jannah ya rab. 

I have came across many articles today that has talked about him, his life, his ideas and i would love to share some with u 

Notice that these article was written by different people that came from different back ground and different islamic views, which means one thing only, this man was not in the heart of his followers, he was in the hearts of many others even if they do not follow him and his religious views, people loved him and respected him for his mentality; he respected others and believed in accepting our differentiation which in fact is a strong power, difference increase power to face difficulties in this part of the world 

The articles :


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