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Nail polish new Branch Now in Salmiya

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Couple days ago i’ve noticed on their Fb page that they annouced the opening of their new branch in Salmiya 

” For All your manicure and pedicure needs, try our Salmiya branch located in Tala Center, in the basement. Call 25755931 for an apt and get POLISHED 😉 ” 

That’s soo good that they have this near by branch, i’ve always wanted to give them a try but i hate going to jabriya in the middle of all the crowd, now that they have this new branch am gonna go try them out as soon as possible ;D 


stay tuned for the following post !! ;D


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  1. ee yallah zen a7sn belsalmiya i hate jabrya :S

    waiting for ur posts 😀

  2. yeah me too wallah hate it wayd ! ;s

    inshallah i’ll go visit them w i’ll post abt my experience there ,, but ishwy ban6ir till my nails y6wlon wayd short now ;s

  3. hope you like it ! its still new and we will appreciate all the feedback we can get from our customers to make sure it is up to the standard we’d like it to be…looking forward to your post


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