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Movie Review : Dear John ( 2010 )

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i’ve been searching for this movie in different torrent search engine until couple days ago i found it w downloaded it w finally watch it ! its from the same director of the note book which means that if ur a notebook fan u will absolutely love this one as well 

its basically Dear john is an American romantic movie, starred by Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried .It is a romantic movie John is a young soldier from the Army Special Forces. When was on leave when he meet his soul mate Savannaah and her family. Savanaah younger brother Alen was autistic, and when she met John’s father she find him the same and told to John, with this conversation they was some problem in there relationship.

my opinion it is a really good movie if ur on the mood for romance, i love this kind of movies bs im a classic gurl i would seek for a betting classic ending 😉 The guy in this movie is not so good looking but something about him is attractive which made me enjoy the movie even more ;p over all its a good movie to watch hope u enjoy it 😉


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  1. 3ndeya 9arli akthar mn shahar yam rasi o mo metshaj3a ashofa madre lesh 😛

    bs eventually i will 😀

  2. lool swera shofi when ur in the mood for romance tra ishwy ythayg il 5olg b3d ;s

  3. I watched this movie at the cinema when first came out, really liked it, wish there are more movies like that or even a sequel ;p

  4. TaZmaNiA : I totally agree, wish there is more of this bs maybe a bit happier 😉 love the good ending movies ;p

  5. i really liked the movie! it was really good!
    and it reminded me of ( the note book ) movie!

  6. Fajorie: Yeah me too loved it !!


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