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Zayoon’s Brownie ;s !

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Zayoon my sister is been craving brownie for the past couple days, or lemmi say weeks ;p so we’ve tried all the brownies in this part of the world ;p

we tried the  brownie from an ice cream shop in free zone bs niset ismh ;p 

n the one from Sultan Center , ready made brownies comes in a back of 4 i guess n tastes pretty well 

too bad i dnt have their photos 

of course we tried the crumbs ones as well,


until one day she decided to bake her own brownie 

so we bought this 

n the result was …………

LoooL b3d 3umri zayoon she tried bs mako fayda ;p that was not even eatable ;p i donno what went wrong exactly ;s although my friend tried the same mix pack by betty crocker bs 9ara7a madre sh9ar ;p

any way the lesson we leaned is : Dnt try this at home just go buy it from Sul6an or any whr else ;p


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  1. yeeeeeeeeeew! im craving sweeets these days coz u know why :/ n im dieting shit :S

  2. LooooL ;p sweera believe me go try this pack from Sul6an Center, if u went to salwa u will find it beside the place whr they have their ready made salads n sandwiches, try it out it taste really good ! But never try out the mix pack or maybe u will bake it better than my sister ;p

  3. Oooooh Toona wallah I did my best!!! I donno what went wrong!! those turn to be like “elbrownie elmas5” :s bs wallah I’ll keep trying lema ythbe6 m3ay shy =D

  4. loool zayoona 7abebtii its ok for now ;p bs later i want a better brownie plz ;p


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