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Things that i miss the most in him !

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When going back in memory i couldnt pass by any age i’ve been through without stopping at some point n wondering if that moment will come back again ,, i miss him alot n i miss alot of things that he used to do with me 

I miss him here in home, watching tv reading the newspaper or sitting xet to me on the dinner table 

I miss him giving me money rather than i go withdraw from his bank account ! 

I miss him bringing me strawberries from the grocery shop  ! he knws i love strawberry n peach so he used to bring that for me 

I miss him in the morning when i wake up n get ready for skool n see him sitting there on the breakfast table reading the newspaper n saying good morning baba ;* 

I miss traveling with him !!  i dnt even recall when was the last time ?! if im not mistaken that was 4 to 5 years back 

I miss going to jam3iya with him 😉 

I miss him taking charge of me, not that i dont wanna take charge of him now its just i miss depending on him, i miss the feeling whn i dnt have to worry about anything bcoz he’s there 

I miss holding his chubby hands that will be almost double the size of mine 

I miss him in 3eed wearing his new dishdasha n ‘3tra w then kissing me happy 3eed kiss n giving me my 3ediya ;* 

I miss dressing up n looking good for a party n the last thing before i go out of home i hear his lovely complement about my look which will be most likely ” u look pretty baba, just like ur mommy 😉 ” 

I miss him fighting for my sake with my devil little brother !

I miss him bringing me fish from the fish market n cooking it for me ! 

I miss his good machboos !! Best i’ve ever eat ! 

I miss him during tea time, in the after noon which we havent done since he’s hospitalized 

I miss him walking, going n coming around 

I miss him in beet 3mi, sitting next to me on the lunch table serving me the food 

I miss chubby him, big fat round face with cute cheeks 

I miss alot of him that cancer took away  !


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  1. 3wrtyyy glbiiiiiiiiiiiii Toona 😦

    i really don’t know what to say! I’m speechless 😐 Im just hoping and praying that he will get better nshallah and he will get back doing the things u used to do with him :*

  2. Sweera 7yatii tslmeenlii ;* allah ysm3 mnch ya rab w ygom lina bil salamah ;(

  3. It’s not easy, but always stay positive, and always remeber, atleast you have a lot of things that you “miss” that you were able to do with him, and inshallah more things you’ll be able to do with him once he’s better…


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