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so what exactly do i want ?

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have u ever reached a point in life when u start wondering ok so whats next ?

what exactly do i want ?

i want to travel but i cant with my dad’s current health situation, of course am not gonna go anywhr n leave him

no not that he wont let me, its that i dnt want to leave him in the hospital

a day could not pass if i dnt go n see him at least for 4 hrs, how can i travel with a relative or friend n leave him

so id better do something locally, which is what exactly ? what do we have in this part of the world thats appropriate for a 21 years old gurl ? not shopping not eating out n defiantly not movie at our great cinemas !! what can we do for a change n how can we experience new good things in life ? Still wondering ……

P.s had a thought of adopting a kid ;p like cute little gurl that will satisfy my motherhood thingy I’ve been craving lately


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