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Last time i party was … ?!

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i dont even recall when was the last time i went to a party ;s !! 

it been more than a year akeed, even before my grandma passed away ( allah yer7amha ) then we stopped going to parties to respect her soul for like a year n then it started to be more like of a habit  ! i got the invitation n then i tell them i cant make it either bcoz 

ya ana maykon li 5ilg or bcoz i want to spend this time with daddy instead. But today, n because my daddy requested me to go 

i will be going to this graduation party inshallah, see some old friends n chit chatt with them 

hope it will go smoothly well n hope i have a good time ! 

Omg just realize that am gonna wear  high heels ! ;p sha5bari ;p 

P.s i’ve always wanted to go bcoz ever since i watch gossip girl w kil episode aked there’s some kind of a party w the way they dressed i feel like ooooh i wanna look like that in some sort of a party ;p i hope i can make it today


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  1. have fun dear :*

    o allah yer7am ur grandma nshallah o mathwaha eljanna ya rab!


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