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Hollywood Hottest DaDDy’s ! ;)

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Check out Hollywood hottest daddy’s through out this year !! 

Father-of-three Tom Cruise took a quiet moment to relax with daughter Suri Who has just turned 4 !! Soo cute ;* 

I personally dont consider him hot but Suri is defiantly cute !  a7la mn omha w oboha ;p 

While becoming a father has definitely changed his life, Matthew McConaugheysays that his son Levi (with girlfriend Camilla Alves) fits right into their laid-back lifestyle.  Also cuute w ham a7la mn oboh ;p 

Brad Pitt 

Hatha madree ay wa7d fehom ;p bs allah yhadah Brad Pitt 9ar daddy w nisa 3umrah ;p i think gabil kan a7la ;s

Sexy X-Men star Hugh Jackman has two adopted children—10-year-old Oscar and 4-year-old Ava—with wife Deborra-lee Furness.

“Being a dad is just amazing,” Matt Damonhas said. “These stages just go by and it’s incredibly fast. There are all these little discoveries every single day.” The Bourne Supremacy star is a father to three leading ladies: Isabella, 4, Gia, 1, (with wife Luciana) and 10-year-old stepdaughter Alexia (not shown). ==>> i dnt think he’s too hot bs His Cute gurl is soo Cute ! ma haget y6l3 mnh ;p 

Will Smith‘s youngest son, Jaden, starred with him in The Pursuit of Happyness and recently landed the lead in The Karate Kid. Smith has two other children—son Trey from his first marriage (not shown), and daughter Willow with wife Jada Pinkett Smith. ==>> His Son is a Heart taking !!!!!!! ;* ya 7lata 

Ben Affleck remains the man of the house with daughters Seraphina, Violet (at left) and wife Jennifer Garner. ==>> awww i used to see him soo hot, i guess now so not madree lesh bs his baby is cute, fluffy n eatable ;p 

Russell Crowe spends most of his time with wife Danielle Spencer and sons Charlie and Tennyson. While he maintains his tough-guy image in Hollywood, his family brings out his softer side. “Between my wife and myself, I’m the pushover as far as the kids are concerned,” said Crowe.  ==>> The boy looks like the one in ” one fine day ” with George Clooney n Michelle Pfeiffer eli used to put things in his noise ;p cute hair haa just like his daddy ;p

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