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Aquarium Trip !! ;D

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Remember when i Said that i want to visit the Aquarium, well we did it yesterday !! ;D 

We went To the Scientific Center By 5 Pm, The Sea Side was amazing But the weather was …  well no comment !! ;s 

Any way, The place was almost empty, who would go to the Scientific Center in the middle of the week, not mentioning during the exams period ! ;p Me Me Me i would goo ;p 

We took our tickets, bought some snacks n Entered The Aquarium ;D Oooh it been soo long since the last time w i felt like alot has changed, the number of animals were more n i donno maybe bcoz i was a kid i had more fun back then ?! ;p 

Bs a7la shy was the last part with the Big Sharks !! ;D there were like 4 , 2 were asleep ;p w 2 were walking or swimming around ;p kan shakilhom wayd yshaaaaaawg !! w kan fi sol7oooooofat bs lil 2assaf ma shift-ha kanat min5asha ;p




Nimooooooo ==>>> 


plus there were a Penguins !!! hathoola new i never saw them b4, 9ij inhom baby penguins bs they were cuuuuute !! ;p n malhom 5ilg il dinya ;p


Then We ended our trip going to La notre  Marina n i ate aloooooot !  ;p


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  1. Hi toona!

    Haven’t you been to iMax shows? If not, you have to!

    btw, It’s a nice blog that you have 🙂 all the best

  2. Hello,
    I have been once but to be honest im not thinking of doing it again, am a chicken ! yes n proud am not gonna go for an 3D horror or bugs movie ;s ! if not maybe i’ll give it a shot
    Thanx alot ;D


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