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Movie Review : Remember Me 2010

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I know this is the third post of the same thing, but am sorry this is what im doing these days ;p 

ok Remember Me is different than the previous two. I usually get so into the movies i watch, especially whn its a really good movie , or as i love to call them complete movie, like every thing was good, story, actors , actress, kil shy was good that the final thing was something different. Now what am trying to say is that whn u knw already that ur a person who gets involve with the movie or the story they watch that means more responsibility in choosing. ok i think enough tifilsifing ;p this movie was good, ka2eeb a bit , ok not a bit a more lemmi say n the story is weird , Tyler is weird, he acts weirdly , he has this look in his eyes, the way he walks the way he talks every thing abt him is different in a strange way. i donno what to say 9ara7a the movie is good, i think but i couldnt digest it well, not all of it. 

why Michel committed suicide ? and what is the death of the Tyler’s GF has to do with any of it ? and why is the way they initiate their relationship is so important ? i know it is for them bs yy is it important to show it ? who is it about ? 

i donno bs this movie is ….. Nice in a strange way ;s that even whn u feel like ur lost ur still under this impact of it !! 

n yeah highly recommended !! Enjoy it 😉 

if u have saw this n u knw the  answer to my question, please share it 😉


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  1. whyyyy whyyyyy whyyyyy did u say what happens in the end!!! u’re not supposed to say the ending in a movie reviewwwww waaaaaaa3 😦 I was planning to watch it soon and they told me it’s ka2eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb obo elka2aba!!!


  2. Awwww sweera sorrrrrryyyy ;s moo 8a9di bs i was tooooo confused ;s

    5ala9 sakray 3yonich la tshofen el post n forget wht u’ve read !


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