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I’m Sad ;( !!

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Yes am sad , u knw yy ? today i had 2 examz 

i had Intermediate Accounting and Finance !! Yes both were Hard to digest bs i didnt even talked to my prof to try to change one of them w gilt 5la9 im gonna b man enough or woman ;p and do it !!! i studied n studied days and nights , nights and days until today !!!!!!! 

my Acct exam was @ 2 w My Finance @ 5

went to my Acct w i did ,, lemme just say no comment , i read the 45 questions w i answered them all bs i was only sure of 2 maybe or 3 ;p n whn i handed the paper the Dr was like ; Toona , u did well !! 

LooL R u sure ;p ?! ME did well ;p !! 

I guess am good at tshiyiring ;p !!

then went out of this exam and directly I sat in a classroom w start studying Finance !! until 5 pm

I was sure of every thing, I did good in my 2 midterms n 4 quizez , i got full mark in 3 of them !! which means i knw the material

Bs the Final exam was something different !!!!!!! nothing similar to what we had b4 !!!! that was a shock !!! :/

u see a friend once told me that i have OCD !! i dnt study bcoz i love studying, i study bcoz i wanna b the best n i wanna have perfection in my grades !! i seek perfection ;s !! that is not always good bcoz if i dnt get good grades i feel like .. well like wht am feeling now ;( !!  

Now am bk home writing this then will shut that lap away n start studying again for my Next exam which will b 2morrow ! ;( 

Do u knw wht do i need now ? 

CHOCOLATE !!! AM CRAVING CHOCOLATE  mabi any chocolate i want Brownie !! something with chocolate fudge yummyyyyyyyyy ;p !! i think Am gonna get the new big chocolate cake from starbucks


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  1. mn 9ijjech?! kella exam jam3a 9adgini ma7ad ra7 e6el eb darajatech when u graduate!!! cheer up bs :*

    g’luck 🙂

    • I knw swera bs t3rfen sh3or eli i dnt wanna b a B student !! especially whn i did good the whole semester i have to get the A !! OCD again ;p

      Thanx alooot sweetie u cheered me up wallah ;*


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