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Blue Valentine 2010

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remember Ryan Gosling ?? 

The Cute guy from the notebook ?!! 

Well for me the notebook was one of my Fav movies of all time ! yes its not Titanic its the notebook ;p 

and i love him soo much !! 

Now he’s having this new movie ” Blue Valentine ” which i think is gonna b good as well, am looking forwards for this movie to be released. The movie is about married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods. Michelle Williams is the co-star with him in that movie


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  1. Im waiting for this movie toooo . . . Ryan Gosling 3awar galb and I;ve checked the release date, it has been release but not world-wide :/

  2. Aww tell me abt it , he’s like a cherry pie ;p

    really ?! i thought i will be released in Dec 2010

  3. *sigh* i just love him and yes i love the notebook more than titanic too 😛


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